Web Development Pricing Made Clear

Standard Website

$ 600 CAD

plus $100 CAD per additional website page. Example: A 5-page website would cost $1,000 CAD.

Custom, manageable site with basic SEO and design for small businesses.
User-Friendly Design
Customized Sales Funnel Layout
Manageable Content System
Basic SEO Setup
Speed Optimization
Accessibility Compliance

Advanced Website

$ 1100 CAD

plus $100 CAD per additional website page. Example: A 5-page website would cost $1,500 CAD.

Custom design and graphics, enhanced SEO, and user experience for growing businesses.
Custom Design & Layout
Enhanced User Experience
Simplified Content Management
Advanced SEO Practices
Speed and Performance Enhancements
Custom Graphics and Icons

Premium Web Solutions

$ 2000 CAD

plus $100 CAD per additional website page. Example: A 5-page website would cost $2,400 CAD.

Tailored, exclusive design with advanced features and integrations for complex needs.
Tailored Design with Premium Features
Include Custom Software Package
E-Commerce and Booking Systems
Top-Tier SEO Optimization
Advanced Performance Optimization
Exclusive Custom Graphics and Icons

Explore detailed features and benefits for each package to find the perfect fit for your business. All our packages include

Build, Host, and Grow Your Website Effortlessly

Affordable Web Solutions Tailored for Small Businesses


Responsive Design

Craft sites that perform flawlessly on any device, ensuring all visitors enjoy a seamless experience. Perfect for capturing a wide, mobile-first audience.


Website Copywriting

Elevate your message with professional copywriting that captivates and converts. Tailored content that speaks directly to your audience and builds brand loyalty.


Conversion Focused

Design with conversion in mind, utilizing strategic layouts and compelling CTAs to turn visitors into loyal customers. Boost your ROI with optimized user pathways.


User Experience

Develop intuitive, engaging sites that prioritize user experience. Enhance visitor satisfaction with smooth navigation and interactive elements, fostering brand connection.


Custom Software Solutions

Unlock custom web solutions with our exclusive software library package, tailored to your unique business needs for superior functionality and innovation.


Scalable Web Architecture

Build for the future with scalable web architecture that grows with your business. Our development approach ensures your website can adapt and expand effortlessly.


Performance Optimization

Enhance your site's speed and reliability with our performance optimization services. Achieve superior loading times and smooth user experiences across all devices.


Transparent Pricing

Experience true transparency with our no hidden fees promise. We offer clear, upfront pricing for all web development services, ensuring trust and integrity.


SEO Optimization

Boost your website's visibility with ongoing SEO optimization. From keyword analysis to content strategy, we ensure your site ranks higher and reaches your target audience.


Content Updates

Keep your site fresh and engaging with regular content updates. Whether it's blog posts, product pages, or landing pages, we manage and refresh your content to keep visitors coming back


Security Updates

Maintain the security of your website with diligent updates and preventive measures. We regularly update your site's software to defend against vulnerabilities, keeping your digital presence secure without overstating immediate response capabilities.


Software Updates

Ensure optimal performance and security with routine software updates. We handle updates to your CMS, plugins, and third-party integrations, keeping your site up-to-date and running smoothly.


Domain Sales

Start your online journey by securing the perfect domain name with us. From classic .coms to niche extensions, find and register your ideal domain easily and affordably.


Affordable Hosting

Discover hosting plans that don't break the bank. Our affordable options ensure your website remains online and performs flawlessly, catering to businesses of all sizes.


Full-Stack Hosting

Host your full-stack applications with confidence. Our hosting environment supports a variety of languages and frameworks, ensuring your application runs smoothly and efficiently.


Software Installer

Leverage the power of Softaculous, the leading auto-installer for cPanel, to easily install hundreds of software packages at the click of a button. From WordPress to Joomla, Softaculous makes application deployment quick and hassle-free.

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We're Still New, We will have reviews to post soon!


We're Still New, We will have reviews to post soon!


We're Still New, We will have reviews to post soon!


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